Synchronize availability from Outlook to

Dear all,

Yesterday, I have connected with my Microsoft 365 account. How can I have the permanent synchronization of my Outlook calendar with running?

The connection seems to have worked well but the Outlook calendar doesn’t show new bookings automatically and Outlook availability is not reflected in

Do I need to make any adjustment in Outlook or somewhere else to get the synchronization running?

Thanks a lot for help.

Kind regards

@Florian we will be pulling in the Outlook feed here: Outlook – free personal email and calendar from Microsoft

If you have the events on your desktop they may not be coming through. If you add a busy event to the above link does it block time on YCBM?

Dear Ben,

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I added two busy events and both are visible in YCBM.

So things are being blocked as expected, but the big issue is that when someone books it is not hitting your Outlook calendar?

Correct. Both ways. Bookings via YCBM are not displayed in Outlook and Outlook busy times are not reflected in my YCBM calendar.

@Florian when I check your page it looks like you are connecting to a Google calendar, not Outlook. Under your page settings click on Calendars and Teams:

This is for the account you signed up with the forum for. If there is another account you are working with you can send a message to me through the forum and I can check it out closer.

@Ben I am sorry, but I fear I do not understand. When I log in YCBM, I am doing so via my Google account, that is true. But the connected calendar is shown as the microsoft one.


Google account ( is listed but not selected. Is the discrepancy between mail adress for login and for calendar connection a problem?

@Ben and one addition: I did not sign up for the forum with the address because signing up with google is not possible. Therefore, I created a forum account with my business mail address.

Hi Florian, sorry for the confusion. You have two YCBM accounts, one under your Google address and another under your Outlook account (

We have located the correct account and can see you are linking to an Outlook account. Again, we are using the cloud based version of your Outlook account that you can see here:

So it is important to view your calendar there - and see if you are seeing the bookings from YCBM on the web-based version of your calendar. If so, you’ll need to reach out to Microsoft Support as there is a synchronization issue between your desktop and web based calendars.

@tiffany thanks a lot for your clarifying answer. Indeed, I did not recognize having two accounts but I think I have accidentally created it when I logged into YCBM via google the first time. As I only need one YCBM accoutn, I will close the other one.

Regarding Microsoft live calendar: I can see only the YCBM booking but not those in Outlook. Therefore, I am going to contact Microsoft support as you recommended.

Thanks a lot for yours and Ben’s support so far.

Regards from Southern Germany

Hi all,

Sorry, for my late reply. It took me longer than expected to intermediately solve the problem. I now changed my plan and do not longer use Microsoft. I am now using my Google account and CalDev for synchronization (I got help of a friend there).

Since I have been using my private Google account, I wanted to switch to my business mail address. This caused a conflict with an another existing YCBM account and now, I am unable to login to

In the meantime, I deleted the accidentally created calendar [email removed]. Is it possible, to bring to the account under [email removed]?

I did not expect causing further problems by changing the google account mail address.
But I feel, I am getting closer to the end solution :smile:

All the best and thanks

Hi @Florian the page has been moved over.