Modify and turn off calendar checking


I have an Outlook (Office 365) calendar connected to youcanbookme so that youcanbookme bookings show in my Outlook calendar. If I have something in my Outlook calendar it will prevent a youcanbookme booking being made at the same time. Generally this is desirable but I don’t want this behaviour if the Outlook calendar entry is only shown as Tentative rather than Busy.

Is it possible to configure calendar checking in youcanbookme so that calendar entries which are marked as tentative in my Outlook calendar are not treated by youcanbookme as unavailable?

Also, is it possible to turn-off calendar checking entirely whilst also retaining the ability to write bookings to my calendar?


All tentative events on your calendar will come through as busy on our system, this will block your availability. You can make the tentative event free or available on your calendar to prevent it from blocking things. There is no way that I am aware of to automate this.

At this time we can only create events on a calendar that we are also checking for availability. The only way around this would be to add your secondary calendar as a participant on the booking to have it added to a different calendar: More info with participants here.