Don't have usual permissions to access calendar?

The company I’m applying for a job at sent me a link to book interviews for the coming week. When I click on a time to book I get this error saying “Oh no! We don’t seem to have our usual permissions to access this person’s calendar…” FiretechPermissions|690x265

What is wrong and how can I fix it. This is a matter of urgency for my prospects of getting a job at this company. I have emailed them but it’s after hours on Friday and the first interview is on Tuesday. I’m worried the slots that I’m available will disappear by the time office hours resume on Monday if the HR person isn’t in on weekends.!

Sorry Daniel - sounds like they are not sharing their calendar permissions correctly with I’d try to reach out to them directly.

Yeah thanks. They got back to me on yesterday with an updated link. Luckily it had no effect on my ability to secure a booking for Today. Thanks anyway though.