Missing a time slot but it's not a break?

I am missing 11:00 and 11:30 from my calendar. I do not know why. There are no defined breaks (and even when there are because I did that for troubleshooting, it doesn’t come back) and I have availability from 9:30-6:30. It’s like this is a bug, but I cannot leverage support directly because I’m a free user.

Anyone know how I can get around this?

@tamar Sorry on the delay with getting you a response. If you do not have availability across an entire week the time on your booking page will not show up for that increment. Do you have a declined event perhaps that is setup to recur each weekday? Troubleshooting incorrect or "no availability" - YouCanBook.me Support

Thanks @Ben - that might be why. Only thing is that the whole hour is blocked off, but I have availability on one of the days at 11:30…

Shouldn’t it at least be visible and perhaps crossed off?

Separately, is there an obvious way for time zones to be visible? Evidently people out of my timezone are booking and are assuming it’s for their timezone.

If there is any day with availability the time should show up. Are you still seeing this happen.

For your Timezone question you can allow the system to detect the bookers timezone:

Oh great, that’s helpful. It should be the default though. Thanks.

Going back to the blocked off time, yes, it’s still happening. I have 11am/11:30am not bookable, but I have no meeting scheduled for that time today so it should’ve been open.