Incorrect display of available hours

Hi everyone,

Would you please help me fix two issues? First, the available hours I`ve set are not shown correctly in my booking page. For example, 18:00 PM in Wednesdays should not be available, but it displays in the booking calendar.
Second situation is between my time and the time of my clients. In the e-mail I receive the following:

Booking: Daniela Ivanova
Start: 10 May 2023, Wednesday 16:00
End: 10 May 2023, Wednesday 17:00
Duration: 1 час
Their timezone: UTC
Their start time: 10 May 2023, Wednesday 13:00
Their end time: 10 May 2023, Wednesday 14:00

Me and my client are both in the same timezone. And this is not the first case that happens.

Thanks a lot in advance!

@danielaivanova I am sorry you are hitting some issues.

For the timezone, if you are only meeting with clients locally then you can uncheck this box:

This will mean that we will not detect the bookers timezone. We use the IP address of folks to show the timezone, if someone is using a VPN (virtual private network) or a firewall or a mobile network the IP address may be reported inaccurately.

The timezone also may be impacting your availability. I set your timezone manually and now your times for Wednesday are showing accurately. Please refresh things on your end and let me know if you see the same thing. I suspect that your calendar may not be reporting your timezone accurately.

Now everything works perfect. My timezone was changed to US (I`m in Europe). Also all the hours are now displayed correctly.
Thank you for the quick reaction!

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