Minimum notice only during working hours?

Is there any way to make it so that your minimum notice only counts working hours? For example, if I am available 9-5 and set my minimum notice for 4 hours, after 5 pm I don’t want someone to be able to book before noon the next day.

Hello Laura,
This is an interesting request that our development team could consider for future updates to our tool, currently setting up a minimum notice will count all the time even when you are not available. An option you might consider is to set up the maximum advanced booking for 1 day so your bookers can only book the next day available times but no further than that.

Thanks, I don’t think that would really accomplish what I’m trying to do - I just don’t want to get morning appointments that are booked late at night, but I’m fine with getting afternoon appointments that are booked that morning. I hope it can be a future update!

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