How to block the possibility of booking within 24 hours

Hello I’d like to know the bookings I have at least 24 hours before, so I can be ready for the meetings.

I want clients to be able to see my calendar and book only 24 hours after they are watching it, so I don’t suddenly have bookings in the morning or in the afternoon which I was not ready for.

If they entry on monday morning, I want them to be able to book for tuesday, but not for monday afternoon for example. How can I do it?

Thank you!

Hi Mar!

You can choose the minimun booking time in advance you require for a booking to be made
Go to the Dashboard, in the left panel choose Times and Availability, and there the option Duration and Display. Change the amount of time in the field Min booking notice to 24 hours or whatever you want

Hope that helps
Chema Perez

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