(VIDEO) New Experience Webinar

If you are interested to learn more about the new booking experience check out the webinar recording below:

Or watch here

During this webinar we discussed the reasons behind the change. The biggest reason is to create a consistent booking experience for your bookers that isn’t confusing. The goal of the booker is to select a time and easily book. With the older themes there was opportunity to change this to make it difficult for the booker to book.

We have seen this new experience increase bookings by 21%. Taking the confusion out of the booking process allows your bookers to schedule time easily. That is only half the battle, getting them to show up is equally as important. This is covered in our training.

Here is a break down of the video:

  • 2:12 - Agenda

    • About me
    • New experience
    • What’s changing
    • Migrating profiles
    • Live Training
    • Q&A
  • 3:55 - Why the Change?

  • 4:47 - Examples of the old themes

  • 6:12 - What is Changing?

  • 7:46 - New Mobile Experience

  • 9:20 - Examples of the new experience

  • 10:03 - How to Switch (coming soon).

  • 11:51 - Live Training

    • 12:55 - On Duty (custom Availability)
    • 15:37 - Booking form
      Asking the right questions using Shorthand codes to personalize messaging and capturing phone number field for SMS notifications.
      Briefly mentioned if/then statements. Learn more here.
    • 19:22 - Notifications
    • 21:55 - Calendar events customization
    • 23:10 - Changing branding color
  • 25:17 - Q&A

    • 25:51 - Zoom link in email and Zoom availability (for paid plans)
    • 27:50 - What has your experience been like?
    • 32:24 - Can you track booker conversions?

Find additional resources in our Knowledge Base: https://support.youcanbook.me/

Hi Ben! I am interest to have the new experience set up in my account!
Ps. (I have many profiles if it’s possible to create a new one and add the css would be awesome!)
Thank you

You should be all set now, Daniel!