About the New Booking Experience category

YouCanBook.me has spent the last decade building a tool that works for teams and businesses. Back in 2019 we took a close look at how it works for the people who make the bookings - your customers and clients.

To make sure your bookers were benefiting from the best online booking site possible, we developed a new theme that demonstrated better performance, better accessibility and dramatically improved the experience on a mobile device.

We’re really proud of this new theme and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve it even more. Feel free to ask any question or leave any comments about it here.

Afternoon time availabillity slots are not showing up on my grid in the new experience. I need my students to have access to the afternoon availability slots. Can I really like the look for the new experience, but this is a significant problem. I will need to use the old experience until this can be allowed for free users. Thanks! Lynn