Translations on the New Booking Experience

Hi #teamyoucanbookme, I hope everyone is doing great! I saw on the “Products Updates” tag that there were updates on the translation of the new booking experience.

I really want to use the new booking experience for my clients, everything is perfect, but in Portuguese, there are still 2 translations that were not made, the tag “today” and the button “choose a different time”.

Are there any plans to translating this too? If not it is possible now for me to change them using CSS?

Thank you so much,


Hi Daniel - we released translations in Italian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese and Estonian. We hope to be able to add more languages later this year.

If you can reply to me privately with which booking pages you’re working with on your account, I will see if we can manually translate that for you for now.

Yup, would really like this also to be in Finnish!

There are also some other translations missing/wrong

  1. Timezone (Europe/helsinki) should be Eurooppa/Helsinki)
  2. Also on desktop view on booking grid the tooltip texts select date is correct but arrows on the right Previuous week -> Edellinen viikko & Next week -> Seuraava viikko
  3. On booking form in the Phone number field there’s “e.g. 041 2345678” -> Esimerkiksi 041 2345678