Language Customization

Hello I would like to know how I can customise the text in the booking button and form. The button says “Richiedi meeting” but “meeting” is not italian . It shoud be instead "Richiedi “appuntamento” or “Richiedi prenotazione” that sounds much better in Italian. Please see attached screenshot.

In summary how can I change or configure to my needs the text in " bf.toolbar_title" and “bf.confirm”? See Image enclosed

Thank you

@dottclaudiorossi thank you for the suggestion. I will get some information over to our development team to look into correcting this. In the future we hope to have a better way for any user to adjust translations and adjustments as they need to. At the moment the system generated options need to be adjusted by us.

So could you please confirm me that it would be possible to have those buttons/text adjusted? Presently by for back office and in the future directly by us, users? Thank you