Italian Join a Meeting translation

Hello, I have the same need for this discussion

I would like to know how I can customise the text in the booking button and form. The button says “Richiedi meeting” but “meeting” is not italian . It shoud be instead "Richiedi appuntamento” or “Richiedi prenotazione” that sounds much better in Italian.
It’s very important for us.

Thank you very much.

Hi @scuolamusicavassurab Thank you for posting to our community forum. We wanted to let you know that we passed along your feedback to our product team for an improvement on the translation. We’ll also be reaching out to you via email once the update is live. Many thanks for your feedback!

we have the same problem. In Italian “richiedi meeting” is not good. It should be replaced with the words “richiedi prenotazione”.
When will you be able to fix this translation? As it is now, it negatively affects the functioning of your application.