Booking confimation Text Not Visible

Hey Guys, when my clients book an appointment, they press Confirm Booking, but then the Confimation Text is not visible as it is high up in the Booking widget.

Are you familiar with this?
Any way to fix it?

I am no techie but maybe a simple fix is just to adjust the Position of the Confirmation Text so that it is placed a bit lower ( Aligned with the Confim Booking Button, ?), hence making it visible to clients?

Sorry on the delay there is a bit of custom code you can add to your embedded booking link to have things adjust to the top of the iFrame. I will send you an email with some information.

Thanks ben,
would be great to have that code so I can get the confirmation text visible in the frame after people make booking.

Thanks bigtime!

You should have that in your inbox from a few weeks ago. If you do not see it let me know and I can resend it.