"Please contact the admin" message shown to bookers

For me, one of the main reasons for using an online appointment system is to receive fewer phone call, however lately my clients are seeing more and more often a page that tells them that it cannot be booked at the moment and “please contact the administrator”
I don’t know why there are those outages, or if they will continue to happen, but maybe it should say “try again in a couple of minutes” since it doesn’t help to call me, I can’t do anything about it

A screenshot of the page (in spanish, sorry…) Sin título.jpg - Google Drive

Best regards

I am sorry some of your bookers are getting that message. We have not had outages affecting our booking pages. Do you happen to know if they get to this screen just after accessing your booking page? Or is it that they hit the back button after having submitted a booking and then trying to book again results in this screen? Any details available you can share will help us determine this error.

Also, thank you for your recommendation on the error message displayed. I will communicate it to our product team.

Hi Daniel
The error page is shown just trying to access the booking page, no bookings made