Problema al concretar la cita final

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Try back later!

Hello - we’re really sorry but we’re having trouble connecting to that user’s underlying calendar system right now.

The error that they are reporting to us usually goes away over time, so please try back in a short while.

Necesitamos una solución lo antes posible.

Un saludo!

Hi there - I’m sorry you’re hitting this error today. I’ve checked our logs to find out the error and it looks like it is a “quota issue” with Google calendar. Google sets limits on the number of times within 24 hours that your calendar can be accessed, and unfortunately you are running into this limit right now.

To resolve this right now, you can go to your booking profile, Edit settings > Notifications & workflow > Calendar events and toggle off the “invite participants to event”. That should reduce our number of requests and allow you to take bookings again.

Instead of the Participants feature, you can set up the"add to calendar" links on your emails which will allow the booker to add the event to their own calendars and won’t cause the same issue.

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Thanks tiffany !

Good day, i have the same problem since last friday. I already made the changes youcanbookme suggest but issue still exist. Very frustrating!

Hi @Bert if removing participants didn’t fix the issue something else might be at play here. We recently corrected an issue impacting some customers connecting to calendars. If you are still unable to book, please DM (direct message) me with your account email and I will take a closer look.

Hello Ben,

The issue is fixed today :blush:
Our customers can book as before.
Tnx for your assistance!

Have a nice day!