Booking pages reject and addresses from bookers

It seems that bookers can not use an or account (we ask them to supply their emailaddress for the confirmation mail) Bookers(Parents in our case) get an error message saying that “there is a problem with the connection and that there are problems connecting to the external calenderprovider of this account”. All our booking pages have this issue. What could be the reason? Is it YCBM or our Google EDU domain?

@Deklump our support team has reached out to you. The issue here is that Google is stopping us from inviting more bookers. To allow bookings to process you need to turn off the participant feature:

For this you then can add buttons to the confirmation message and email to have folks download the event manually: {ADD-TO-GOOGLE} {ADD-TO-MSLIVE} {ADD-TO-ICS}.

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Hi Ben, thanks, turned it off on all our booking pages (thought it would be a nice service :-))

@Deklump Normally this participant feature works without any issues. The issue is when you are getting a large amount of bookings in a short time period. When this happens Google is not accommodating and treats these bookings as spam.

That must be the reason, we got some 1100 bookings since last monday. Thanks for your heads up