Bookings not being allocated properly

We are a charity that offers food parcels to people within the local community.
We open all our booking slots on a particular day and at a particular time. Due to demand our slots book very quickly. Our problem is that we have had a couple of incidents where someone has booked and received the confirmation screen ( :white_check_mark:) but the Thanks {name} is the wrong name.
The booking then comes through as the name on the confirmation screen and not the person receiving confirmation screen.
This leads to us having two people turning up for the same booking. The person receiving the confirmation screen and the person named on the booking list who didn’t receive the confirmation screen but the emails confirming the booking and reminders.
This is embarrassing as we only have so much food to distribute.

@Pantry I am sorry that your bookers are running into trouble. Out of curiosity are you sharing the raw booking page with them:

Or is there an added bit of code like: added?

The second link there has a specific code associated with the booker interacting with the booking page. Feel free to send me a direct message here on the Forum with any sensitive links you want to share. I can take a closer look.

The second. Trying to work out how to send direct message so I can send over the specific code.

Each code will be unique for each person. So the number at the end: i=itt_581dcef6-29c4-4207-9657-4521a078d849

You can create a one time booking link from either the Chrome Extension, or within the share options. Both explained here.