Avoiding Client Quantity Errors: Default Quantities (Multiple Bookings)

Prohibiting client from making the [all too common] mistake of accepting a default quantity (typically set to 1 in most booking services) when booking on behalf of a group… ie: Force each customer to make a conscious quantity selection so he/she cannot overlook this step…

Had a thought regarding “group booking” due to an issue we’re experiencing with our current booking service: DEFAULT QUANTITIES… When group/multiple booking is used, group quantity selection should be mandatory! (Because people booking on behalf of a group tend to forget to set this field during the booking process and there’s no validation.) The group shows up only to find someone made the mistake of accepting the default quantity of 1… Consequently, we’re overbooked & unable to accommodate the entire group… And of course, it’s our fault for not making the selection requirement “more obvious.”

FWIW: The easiest/smartest way to address this (for most booking services) is to set/allow either a default quantity of “0” OR “-”. (Which consequently/during field validation effectively prohibits the user from getting to the final booking review screen without having actively selecting the DESIRED # of participants first.)

Great suggestion. We have been discussing adding the unit selector before choosing a time in order to only show availability that satisfy the number of units needed. I do not have a time frame on when something like this will be added. In the interim you can add a header to the units question using markdown like ## Select the number in your group

That would be AWESOME Ben! (Providing there’s a mandatory selection instead of allowing user to “blindly accept default of 1” by accident!)

WORTH CHECKING THIS OUT: Here’s our interactive/DYNAMIC slot display based on availability we’re presently using: https://wlspeedway.simplybook.me/v2/#book/category/0

(These venues do NOT need variable time. Our next one will. NOTE: The “dynamic slot display is based on quantity selected”… Enter 5+ and ALL the eSports slots disappear based upon quantities available MINUS slots booked. We’ve only got 6 systems and always keep one “un-bookable.” Works very nicely. On that note, we’ve got 24 slots for laser tag, but limit online quantities.)

PS: We’ve got the different venues isolated via this page here: https://wlspeedway.simplybook.me/v2/#book/