The Booking UX/UI Dashboard

Hello everyone,

I trust this message finds you in good health.

With the recent addition of the option to book multiple units, I wanted to express my appreciation for this valuable feature. It fulfills one of the most requested functionalities (with hopes that the final one, promo codes, will follow suit).

I would like to propose a suggestion to enhance the booking UI Dashboard. Adding a visible count of the number of units booked would greatly assist us in quickly identifying who has booked what.

I believe this should not be a significant development effort for your team, and it aligns perfectly with our current needs. Currently, we lack a swift way to gauge whether we are fully booked or not. Displaying the total number of units for each booking would be immensely helpful.

Please refer to the screenshot below for the suggested implementation.

p.s. Highlighted in red just for visibility

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

I posted this almost six days ago and received absolutely no interest or interaction for something that is entirely logical. It’s quite surprising!

Sorry on the delay. We are looking at improving the Booking Dashboard, surfacing units, or having a way for you to select which columns are displayed is something we are considering.

Hello! I just sent you a message to discuss this improvement further. Looking forward to your response.

Hello @Jamie ,

I hope you’re doing well. I was just wondering if there have been any updates since our last Zoom call. It seems like there’s been a bit of silence on your end regarding adding me to the Lab features, as well as the discussion we had about pricing. I haven’t received any further information or updates, which leaves me feeling like our previous conversation didn’t lead to any action. Could you please provide an update on these matters?

Thanks for your message @CrateDiggger! I do have positive updates to share with you. As you know new features and improvements take time and I believe you will be pleased to hear next steps.

Please look out for an email coming from me. :slight_smile:

Nice. So far… no email. I will continue to wait.