Bookings day of week

In the bookings view, can we please, please see the day of the week (e.g. Monday, Tuesday,etc.), either in the date column (e.g. “Thursday, May 6”) or by grouping each day together?

Right now it’s an unintuitive grid of data. On busy days it’s an extra step to translate the date to the day to look for a specific booking. That shouldn’t be necessary.

Ideally that bookings screen would offer a calendar view (in additional to rows of data), but adding the day of the week would be a big help.

Thank you.

It’s disappointing that this still hasn’t been addressed.

Every time I go into bookings, instead of the day of week being immediately visible, I have to open a calendar app to figure out what day, say, May 6 is. Is it Wednesday? Is it Friday?

Why hasn’t this been addressed? It seems like a basic thing that should have been there from the start, and especially should have been addressed by now.

@LeroySchulz Missed your initial post last spring here as well. Slipped through the cracks in the 10 or so posts you made in that short time period, my fault.

Currently, those date formats are handled by the API and the only other option that includes the day of the week is a long format one which too long for the structure of the page and will repeat information for users.

The team will be speaking soon about moving date formats to be handled by JavaScript as it’s much more flexible and dynamic and means we could easily update a format of something instead of needing an API change to add the day of the week in.

TL;DR: This will be happening, we need to figure out the best approach and when to get it done.

Okay. That’s odd, given that date calculations are a core part of pretty much any development system. Surely there must be a way!

I get that developers tend to focus on interesting new features, but for those of us that have to work around this every day, it’s a annoying pebble grinding away in our shoes.

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I’ll do my best to help get that pebble the F out of there! :muscle:

Haha. Thank you! DOWN WITH PEBBLES.

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