Where did the Week Layout go?

It appears that the latest update to YCBN has gotten rid of the layout where I could see all times available in a given week. Is there any way to get this layout back? I hate only being able to look at a single day at a time. The week layout was the main reason I chose to use YCBM over competitors and now it’s gone. The new agenda view is not equivalent and is so much harder to read as a vertical instead of horizontal layout, especially when comparing a YCBM to your calendar. Bring back the weekly view!

Hi @nat-covo we have now moved everything to a new calendar layout as we updated the technology behind the booking system. The Agenda view will show you the times directly without needing to go into each day at a time. For your comment on comparing it to your calendar, we released the Overlay Availability option for all visitors:

This allows all bookers to connect a calendar to reveal only the times the booking page and their calendar share availability.