Calendar on landing page

Is there a way to remove the calendar from a booking page? My team uses a “landing page” that then directs to two different YCBM links for In-Person or Virtual appointments. When students visit our main page they get confused because the calendar shows No Availability since they must choose their appointment type first (see below):

We’d prefer if the calendar only showed on the separate YCBM pages for In-Person and Virtual appointments.

@chandrafridley I am terribly sorry on the long delay here. At this time there is not a way to remove the calendar from a booking page. We are discussing an option to allow folks to turn a page offline and then adjust the text that appears to be custom like your message you have in place. Would something like that work for you?

Hi @Ben ,

Thank you for your response! That would work for us if we can use the offline page with the custom message as a landing page where students can choose appointment type and then be directed to the correct pages.