Customization of the "offline" message


Right now, you have this new feature that any booking page can be turned “on” or “off”:

People who visit the link are then showed this message:

Hi! While we would love for this booking page to be up and running, right now it’s set to be ‘offline’.

This means it isn’t live.

Account holders - you can change that by a quick hop, step and jump to your Dashboard and switch to ‘online’

It would be great to customize this message. For instance, I might want to say:

Sorry! I am not taking meetings at this time, but if it is urgent you can email me at …

Just as an example.


In the future we will have a way to change messaging and translations within the app. This is the hope at least. All things are subject to change, but we are moving toward more customization options.

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Great to hear! In other news, I have found it very nice that the error message varies according to the problem, and provides additional information to the owner if logged in:

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.00.23 PM

Thanks for the move towards more customization options. Your existing fine-grained customization options are really one of the things I appreciate the most about YCBM. I am a perfectionist, and also I feel a bit bad to be telling people I am so busy that they have to book meetings with me on a website—so having that website look very nice and more importantly very custom, makes the whole thing feel palatable.

I appreciate that YCBM is more virtual assistant and less click-snooze-fest!! :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in this functionality. I had to shut down a booking page early because of a change in approach on a project. However, I’d like to post a message that would be visible to those who follow the link - offering them a way to participate in the updated plan (basically a survey).

We are using YouCanBookMe to schedule time with hospital staff, who are very overwhelmed right now due to the pandemic, and I don’t want to send them another email explaining the change, but rather would like to use the “booking offline” page to communicate this - only to those who follow the link and try to book.

For now, I worked around this by leaving the booking online and setting booking availability to a fixed date range that was in the past and customizing the “booking page intro” message, under the “general” tab. The 220 character limit was a bit difficult to fit within, but I made it work. :wink:

@meng great workaround. I have seen this asked a few times recently. I will get a ticket in to have this looked at. Let us know if you spot any other things you think could be improved. Would a forward after a fixed date be beneficial? Or just the message.

Thank you! I personally wouldn’t have a need for auto forwarding / redirecting. Just customizing the message would be all I’d need for this.

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Hi! Checking in on this topic. I’d love to have the ability to customize the offline message page. For my needs the current message does not create a friendly user experience for folks looking to schedule with us. The workaround Meng mentioned is a great idea as a one off but not scalable.
Also related to offline pages, its great that reminders still go out if the booking page is offline for previously booked meetings, would love to see that ability for rescheduling meetings.

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One option would be to keep the page online and remove all availability and adjust the instructions to read anything you need. The ability to change this messaging is not on the immediate roadmap.

I am not seeing the instructions appear on the offline screen. Was this feature removed?

If you have a fixed end date this will be the message that you see. If you remove that and turn the page offline a different message will appear. We are working on a way to offer more customization for these system generated message throughout the booking process. Let me know if I am off base.