Can not retrieve team member assigned to a booking through API

Hello guys,

I am using YCBM API to retrieve information of our bookings and

using this URL with the corresponding AUTH headers,accountId,profileId,createdAt,startsAt,endsAt,tentative,teamMember,answers,answers.code,answers.string

as a response I am taking the following
“title”: “Christos and (TEST) Ραντεβού με Γενικό Ιατρό/Παθολόγο (Copy)”,
“accountId”: “(Removed by Admin)”,
“profileId”: “(Removed by Admin)”,
“createdAt”: “2023-04-29T21:21:09Z”,
“startsAt”: “2023-05-01T12:20:00”,
“endsAt”: “2023-05-01T12:40:00”,
“tentative”: “NOT_USED”,
“teamMember”: {},
“answers”: [
“code”: “Q6”,
“string”: “fever”
“code”: “FNAME”,
“string”: “Christos”
“code”: “LNAME”,
“string”: “Chatzi”
“code”: “EMAIL”,
“string”: “(Removed by Admin)”
“code”: “Q3”,
“string”: “(Removed by Admin)”

Why am I not retrieving the teamMember assigned to this booking knowing the fact that there is definitely a team member
assigned to this booking?
Thank you, Christos

Hey @Christos try teamMember,,,,teamMember.pic,teamMember.account etc.

You can get all of the following:
“teamMember” : {
“id” : “{teamMemberId}”,
“name” : “{TEAM-NAME}”,
“description” : “”,
“pic” : “https://urlofteamphoto.jpeg”,
“email” : “{TEAM-EMAIL}”,
“account” : “{YCBM Account for Zoom}”,
“targetCalendarTimeZone” : “Europe/Warsaw”,
“calendarId” : “calendarId”