How to get team's data by profile through API

My role is the admin, personally have no bookings under my name, but I have access to view other’s bookings in the team and can manually export the data.
Here comes the question, how can I achieve this goal through API?

Follow the doc, I try to see all the bookings, this is what I got

@Fiora welcome to the Forum! You can try using v1/{accountId}/bookings to get the bookings of a specific account.

You need to get the API key from the Organization Owner (whoever manages the subscription). They can get that from their account here:

Hi @Ben ,

Thank you for your reply.

I run the test in PowerBI, username is the AccountId, password is the APIkey.

My findings:

  1. API key must pair with the AccountId. I can’t connect when using my AccountId but org owner’s API Key.
  2. For the org owner account, i do connect sucessfully.
    It only returns 12 of the data not all of them. Please understand that I want to get all the data not 12 of it. Furthermore,the returns dosent contains all the attributes shows when i manually export one, like TeamEmail.

So still need your help, and please be specific and detailed.

@Fiora you will need the organization accountId and API Key. This should get you access to all of the data and the ability to create/adjust booking pages. I will test this out to make sure my information is accurate.

For the bookings endpoint we paginate. In the 12 bookings that are returned in the header you will see link: This will allow you to move forward in time or backwards in time based off of booking start date.

Hi @Ben,
How to get the all attributes listed below

Title Ref Id Profile Booking Made Start End Duration Price Booking Made (UTC) Start (UTC) End (UTC) Status Units Appointment Type Rescheduled Cancelled Cancelled At Cancellation Reason Booker Timezone Booker Start Booker End Profile Timezone Profile Start Profile End Team Team Email Team Timezone Team Start Team End No Show Folders EMAIL FNAME LNAME

with bookings through API, and how to set the time range?

Can you show me an example, I read through the doc, but the attributes i want is not in the field area, and there is no example and explanation about the parameters and their type.

Let’s just say, I want to get bookings info including Team, TeamEmail, TeamStart, EMAIL,FNAME,LNAME and those default attributes as well. For the date range , I want to use booking created date, just say past 3 month till today.

To get any fields you can use ?fields=

For team members, that is teamMember,,, for the booking form questions:

For the teamstart that would be just startsAt or displayStartsAtMediumShort, for the booker you can try: displayBookerStartsAtMediumShort