List of bookings with a profile Id


I’m trying to get bookings for a specific profile but the endpoint returns a list that contains items with different profile Ids. What would be the reason for it? It looks like it returns all bookings from all profiles and doesn’t even check the profileId parameter that I send.

The endpoint I call looks like this;

I’m sure that the profile Id I send is valid since I get it from this endpoint;

Thank you,

@gbulut welcome to the Forum! Try running a GET to v1/bookings?profileIds={profileId} this will allow you to pull bookings from a specific page, or comma separate for more pages. We use a link in the response header to paginate through bookings.

Thank you for the quick answer!

I guess I was trying with a wrong parameter name as ‘profileId’. ‘profileIds’ worked for me! :+1:

By the way, GET to v1/bookings?profileIds={profileId} returns “Sorry, account not found” error, but the other endpoint works (GET to v1/{accountId}/bookings?profileIds={profileId})

Thank you!