How can I load all my bookings and events since I started my account?

Can someone please help me understand how can I load my previous data, like from the start I want to extract my bookings and events, please help.

@vaibhav.singh I answered you in another thread, but with this you need to paginate through the bookings endpoint (GET{accountId}/bookings). In the response there will be a link to allow you to move forward and backward in time:

Also to add that this will be based off of the data retention limits of your account. If you have it set to 24 months, the default, any booking older than that is deleted automatically.

Hey @Ben , thank a lot… this helped me a lot to move ahead. Probably Will ask you more questions, as I move forward :v:t2::v:t2:
Thanks Again!!

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Hi @Ben ,

In some of our bookings, I can see a field here called ‘Team’, but we are not getting our it in my GET API’s response. Can you please help and advise here?
Thanks in Advance, :+1:t2:

You will need to add teamMembers,teamMembers.items,, to your fields.

Hi @Ben ,

Yes, I tried this before as well but didn’t work.
Please see.

It needs to be in this hierarchy format teamMembers,teamMembers.items,,

Essentially you need to drill down to the data you want