Bulk fetching of Bookings objects via API

Bulk Fetch of Bookings from API:
In one of our use cases, we need to fetch all bookings for a call type from YCBM datastore within a time window and sync our platform Database. The issue we are facing is that, the total number of bookings that we need to fetch from YCBM datastore are large in number. The number of network calls that our platform needs to make are large in number because Bookings fetch API only returns 10 booking objects in a single API call . This task therefore is taking too much time due to the large number of network calls we have to make in order to retrieve all Booking objects.

Is there any way to Bulk fetch Booking objects ?

@nitish_springboard welcome to the Forum! There isn’t a way to do a bulk GET for booking data. We use the pagination process to prevent a large drain on resources. As you have mentioned there can be a significant amount of bookings, breaking them up to a more manageable slice keeps things from being overloaded. With that said I will have a catch up with the engineering team on options here.

Hey @Ben , I’m stuck at this step… how can load all my Bookings and events into my database. Can anyone please help me here.
Also @nitish_springboard … If u have done that… I would be happy to connect with you.

@vaibhav.singh when running a GET you will need to paginate through the bookings either forward or backward. Inside of the returned header you will see a link to move things in the direction. And this is based off of the booking start date and time. You also have the ability to run an export of your bookings to then get a CSV of the data to import into a database or business intelligent tool: View, manage and export your booking activity - YouCanBook.me Support

Beyond this you could also setup a webhook to pass the booking data from our system to another system. Right now there is not a way to authenticate the webhook, but in the near future we will allow for a header to be added. More info here: Passing data to other systems - YouCanBook.me Support