Changing values in profile via Zapier


I am creating a profile via Zapier using a templateId. It is working well except that I cannot seem to change any of the nested values. For instance, I cannot seem to change onDutyToken. I have tried several key syntaxes “times.onDutyToken”, “times:onDutyToken” etc.

Any idea how I could access these nested syntaxes to change their values?

In the example screenshot below, the “This should change” value should be the one I access.

@xbertrandias on the Zapier side you can select with webhooks to make a custom POST. This will allow you to setup any JSON you want rather than needing to have strict key value pairs. The option is to use the " Custom Request in Webhooks by Zapier" as your action.

Hello Ben, thanks for your answer.

I have switched to Custom Request and have set it up to create profiles, it is mostly working. Yet, the times.onDutyToken value is still not changing, even though I have set it up in the API request.

When I open the newly created profile on YCBM, the onDutyToken is still set as defined in the template, and not as “This should change”.

@xbertrandias I just tested this a bit further. It doesn’t look like this is adjustable in the initial POST. Three options to adjust is to setup a PATCH to modify later in the workflow after you get the profileId returned. Or modify the template. Or instead of sending in the Template, build an entire page payload to modify everything.

Hey Ben, thanks for the answer, indeed setting up a PATCH works.

For anyone running into the same problem, just create a POST to get the initial page created, use the page ID from the output to then run a PATCH that allows you to change any of the parameters listed in’s API documentation.