Add URL of booking to Zapier fields

When an event is created in a booker calendar, I can include the URL for the event in case I need to change it. However, when creating events in other applications in Zapier, I can’r access the URL link ref as this doesn’t appear in the data disclosed to Zapier. Is there a workaround (or could this be added to the data disclosed to Zapier?)

When sending through the information to Zapier there should be a subdomain value. You can use this to construct the URL.

Beyond this you can always use the webhook feature to pass out any key, value pairs you would like. This would need to be in JSON format, but Zapier can accept an incoming webhook and will be able to parse out specific data you need. A video here:

Shorthand code reference

Thanks Ben - I can construct the subdomain element, but can’t see where the UID style reference is created. I can get the YCBM reference, a 12-digit code, but not the 36-figure UID style reference if piped through to zapier.

Just watched the vid - thanks!

@boyler Are you still struggling to get the data you need into Zapier? If you are referring to the booking ID, you can pass that through with the {ID} Shorthand code.

Hi Ben - got it all working beautifully using webhooks. It’s marvellous!

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