Integrations/Actions Framework Overview (Zapier, SMS, Webhooks ETC)

The power of YCBM lies in the automation that can take place after a booking is confirmed. This post will go in depth into the different options available to you.

First when can an action be triggered?

  1. After a booking is confirmed.
  2. When it is rescheduled.
  3. When it is cancelled.
  4. A reminder before the booking.
  5. After the booking.

Within all of these you can open them up and then choose what action should be performed by pressing the ‘+’ sign:

Choosing email to send an email to the booker, or to yourself, or to any email address you wanted.

An SMS notification will send out a text message to any number. If you want to send it to your booker, you first need to ask for the phone number in the booking form and add credits. Find out how.

A webhook will allow data from YCBM to be sent through to a different system. More info with webhooks here

You also have the ability to include Zapier with your notifications. After you set up an API within YCBM you can head over to Zapier to setup the integration. Check out this article

Zapier will allow you to connect to thousands of other apps and platforms. This is a great way to get the booker data into other systems that you may use.

Everything is customizable to your needs. How have you been able to take advantage of the actions framework within your own workflow? Running into any issues? Share your experiences and insights here.