Add webhooks while creating profiles with API

Is there a way too set up webhooks (On booking) while creating a profile from the rest API?

Need this to use YCBM in a automation flow for our companie’s use case.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

@adityabee welcome to the forum. Yes this is possible in the actions array. Use type = WEBHOOK and anchor is when it will be fired (BOOKING_CREATED, BOOKING_CANCELLED, BOOKING_RESCHEDULED, BOOKING_STARTS, BOOKING_ENDS) You can use the offset to adjust the time it sends in minutes, can be negative for BOOKING_STARTS as an example

"actions" : [ {
"type" : "WEBHOOK",
"status" : "TEMPLATE",
"anchor" : "BOOKING_CREATED",
"offsetMinutes" : 0,
"title" : "string",
"to" : "https://endpointurl",
"cc" : "",
"subject" : "POST",
"body" : "{ \"startDate\": \"{START}\", \"firstName\": \"{FNAME}\", \"duration\": \"{DURATION}\", \"teamName\": \"{TEAM-NAME}\", \"phone\": \"{PHONE}\", \"apptype\": \"{TYPE-NAME}\", \"appdesc\": \"{TYPE-DESCRIPTION}\"}",
"displayTypeShort" : "webhook",
"displayTypeLong" : "webhook"}]