I’m trying to use via embedden in my web site. I want to GET data (startsAt, endsAt, email etc.) from the YCBM system when trigger to the new booking. How can i catch when new booking created?

Note: I can use API GET all my bookings or a booking using with spesific Booking ID.

PS. I can’t see Notifications/Actions part for Webhooks in my profile page.


@erdisener within every page or profile there is an actions array. This will hold all of the available actions on the page based off of the anchor tags like BOOKING_CREATED. This one fires once there is a booking. More information for actions here: Actions Array | YouCanBookMe API

Thank you for your reply. I’ve found a Notification section in my profile. So should I use GET or POST (as sample below) method for when a booking is made? And should I use Header section for YCBM authentication (username, password)?


If you need the booking data to go to this other system then you would most likely use a POST. For the header bit, that would be any authentication this external system would need to validate the request. Think of this as an action to send data out of YCBM whenever a new booking is made.