Query bookings for a list of ref

We would like to query bookings by providing a list of ref (10 refs to get 10 bookings for example) while we could only do this one by one using booking api at the moment, is there any way to do that? Or if we keep doing it through the booking api one by one, any api request threshold will be applied?

Hi @plusa2m, I hope you are doing well!

If I understand your question correctly, you want to fetch a list of bookings by its reference numbers? If you are using our base URLS only, this is unfortunately not possible.
Doing it one by one is definitely possible (sounds like a lot of work though!) and no threshold is applied if you do that.

You have 2 ways to GET bookings:

If you want to fetch a list of bookings with a list of reference numbers, you can write a script to do so. In, for example, Postman or any other tool you like working with, that is able to pull a list of bookings by running a collection. This will make it lot less labour intense too!

To get a list of bookings via the API, you can read this part of the API documentation: YCBM API docs
It explains pagination and filtering.

I trust this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions @plusa2m


Hi Kelly,

Gotcha! Really thanks for your detailed reply!
Besides, we found that the API return error at very limit of times, like 1 times/month, we may want to know if we could have any error record/log access?

In terms of webhook’s auth, we want to know if we can verify the jwt, x-jws-signature, ycbm-signature, x-request-id that provided from headers of YCBM’s webhook call? and how?

Much appreciated for your help!

@plusa2m You can setup any authentication you want us to pass in the header here:

This is a simply key, value so you can put in anything that your target system requires. I hope this helps.

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Also from the API level this would look like this:
“type” : “WEBHOOK”,
“status” : “TEMPLATE”,
“anchor” : “BOOKING_CREATED”,
“offsetMinutes” : 0,
“title” : “Booking created API call”,
“to” : “https://yoursystem.com/12345/app-runner”,
“subject” : “POST”,
“body” : “{ "startsAt": "{START-LOCAL-DATE}", "endsAt": "{END-LOCAL-TIME}", "timeZone": "{TIMEZONE}", "firstName": "{FNAME}", "email": "{EMAIL}" }”,
“attachIcs” : false,
“headers” : {
“test” : “testing”

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Hi Ben, thanks for the suggestion! I could see we have the log for the webhook call, is there any error log/timeout log for the api call to api.youcanbookme.com/v1 ?

@plusa2m no we do not have a public error/timeout log. We can access that through support if you get tripped up anywhere.

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