Tracking Confirmations

I am currently asking customers to respond Yes/No to a confirmation text and I am using a zap to record that in SF. Is there a way to track confirmations in YCBM? I would want to send a secondary confirmation request to people who haven’t confirmed but haven’t figured out a hack for this yet. Anyone else?

You can setup a trigger in Zapier for when someone books. There isn’t a way to retrieve any information if someone confirms though, this would have to be outside of YCBM. Is YCBM sending out the initial SMS for the yes/no question? A bit more information on your workflow would be useful.

Hi there

Yes we are using notifications to get a yes no response on the texts right now.

We are capturing the yes responses in SF. However if people don’t respond or respond no we would love to be able to follow up with them.


The Yes/No acceptance feature was designed for the calendar owner and not the booker. One option would be to setup multiple notifications to go out within YCBM before they accept the SMS message. This would be at the top of the actions (after booking was made):

Then once they accept a new workflow can start under the tentative section. If someone responds no you can have a message go out to someone to follow up. I may be off base here, Devon. Let me know if this is what you were looking for. Also we have a direct Salesforce integration in beta you could try out to update contacts or leads.

This is interesting. Totally understand but the way our team works they don’t need to accept or decline but we want our customer to. Are you suggesting this could help with that?


If you are using the Tentative Feature we offer then the above will allow you to setup multiple emails to get the booker to confirm. If however you are using a different piece to your workflow to have the booker confirm then changes need to be outside of our system.

Sorry for the delay. So if our associates use the tentative feature when a customer selects the time then multiple confirmation emails can go to the customer and it will prompt for a response?

Technically yes, keep in mind the experience for accepting by the booker will be that of a calendar owner. I specifically mean that when the booker accepts the booking they will be prompted to send an email to themselves or not to. Be sure to test it out. Again since this is a backend feature it may not be what you are looking for. The other way to set things up is to something via webhooks and an email service provider to send out emails until you get the signal that they have booked. This could be done with a tool like Zapier as I mentioned previously.