SMS notification feature

I see that under notifications there is a way to setup an SMS alert. I think I want to start offering this to my bookers in hopes to keep them aware of meetings, as I have had a ton of no shows in the past. Do you all recommend sending an SMS out right away after a booking, then notifying folks the day before, half hour before? Also what happens if someone replies?

The SMS feature is clutch to our operation. While there is a small cost (like $.05 per message or something), the benefits are huge. We send out a notification right after booking to confirm with the customer. Then we will send out a notification the day of a few hours before, I think 3 hours before. Then we send one out 15 minutes before the booking. We also included links to allow folks to reschedule or cancel (within our cancellation limits of course). This has reduced our no show percentage quite a bit. As far as replies those will come to the account email I believe, the email you sign in with. There is not a way to respond to the SMS message, but you can reach out via email, just make sure you use the customers email. A few of our replies went to support. Hope that helps!


Yes, @Carl thank you so much. I will test things out and see how it goes!

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