How to generate my own video conf URL and add it to the booking?

I am using the system to provide video conference rooms for our staff to attend YCBM-booked meetings. We don’t use Google Calendar or Zoom or Teams.

The problem is that I want to generate a new Whereby video conf room just-in-time when the user books a meeting with YCBM. But how can I generate that meeting-room link, and add it to the YCBM invitation and reminder? I see that I can use a webhook – but that fires after the booking is created.

Is it possible to update a booking’s content and meeting URL using POST or PATCH?

@TomK There is a way to update the calendar event with the Whereby link via a PATCH.

One option would be to POST a webhook into a tool like Zapier from YCBM. Then within the Zap you could make a request to Whereby API to create the room and return the URL and then PATCH that into the YCBM calendar event that was just created.

Good to know! Thank you, Ben. (For this, and your answer to my other one, griping about the API. Tom needs a cookie…)

I have decided I’ll go at this another way, though. Rather than create an invitation, then create the Whereby URL, then update the invitation…I’m going to set the invitation to something unique, using the YCBM booking id or such, like – then I’ll fire a webhook POST with the booking details to create my Whereby URL, and store that in a database.

At meeting time, folks will browse to that URL, my server will look up the real info in the database, and redirect their browsers to the right location.

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Wow great solution here @TomK

For that here are two cookies!

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Hi @Ben! I am also looking to implement a video call solution outside of the included Zoom and Teams. Unfortunately, I am unable to customize the link as Tom did. I’m pushing to Zapier already to send the information to our CRM, but I have been unsuccessful in having Zapier push the generated video call link back to YCBM. Do you happen to have any images of how Zapier should be configured to send the PATCH request? I’ve been reading through both your API documentation as well as Zapier’s information, and I’m just missing something. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!