Embedding into Wordpress

When embedding into Wordpress, when viewing my page/url on my iPhone and friend’s iPhones, my page does not load correctly. Instead my page looks as though it’s loading and then it redirects to the youcanbookme url. I should mention I used the embed code instead of using the wordpress widget. I did this because I like the way it appears on my site using this way. I did try the wordpress widget method and did not like the look of it.

I want my page to load fully on all devices and give users the option to see my entire site and then scroll to section of designated page to schedule.

Can you please help?


If you are embedding the booking grid and visiting the site on mobile, the default is to break out of the frame and redirect to the page on our server. This can be easily adjusted here (make sure it is unchecked):
The widget is more of a button for the sidebar of your site, which will link back to the page on our server. The embedding option you chose is probably the best for your needs.

Let me know if that helps, here Lin.

Thank you Ben. Helpful :slight_smile:

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