How to resize calendar embed in wordpress?

Hi all, I’m pretty new to YouCanBookME and today joined the forum. Have searched forum to see if I could find solution to my request (but didn’t find it yet).

I’m using the calendar on my Wordpress website (with the embedded code) but it shows so large. I’ve tried to set it to 50% and 75% but that’s not actually what I’m looking for as that will keep the same height. I’m not an expert in HTML languaging, but is there a way to reduce the height and if yes, how should I do that? I’ve cut and paste the code below.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!


@Esther welcome to the forum! When you copy the embed code from your booking page you should be able to past that into WordPress via the text editor. There is a small <script> at the end of the embed code which may be messing things up. This script is designed to automatically adjust the height of the iframe. If you remove that and then set your height in px with the parameter height= that may get you closer.

Hey @Ben I have the same issue as @Esther in my wordpress, I have been able to include it in my site, but the size is huge, what is the usual height in px that you guys recommend? Thank you

@theoceanspell This will depend on the number of questions for your booking form. You can adjust the height to any px you want, there will be a scroll bar if it extends. Normally the <script> we include will auto adjust the height. If you remove that you can test out things out with 700px.