Incorrect City Displaying on Booking Page

I have the youcanbookme free account form some time ago.
The incorrect city is showing on my booking URL.
My Google Calendar is set to Brisbane, I have also set youcanbookme to Brisbane, however when I open my booking page in a new browser, the city Automatically defaults to Perth.
This is the case whether I allow to detect my city, or if I manually set the city to Brisbane.
Any advice or direction is appreciated.
My booking url is

Thank you.

Hi James, If you are automatically detecting the booker’s timezone this is based off of IP address. Essentially where the booker is physically located. We have seen some issues with mobile devices, or VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or even corporate firewalls reporting things incorrectly. If you are meeting folks in person in Brisbane, then I would recommend to uncheck the auto detect booker timezone:

Thanks Ben,
Even when I have manually set the City to Brisbane, it still shows up as Perth when I browse to my booking link in another Browser. I am based in Brisbane.
Could it be anything else?

Hi James, are you seeing Perth report on different networks? Again the booker timezone detection is based off of IP and sometimes networks can send a different location. Setting the timezone to Brisbane is for the calendar, not the booker’s side. If you uncheck the box above everything should default to Brisbane time.