Is there a discount for non-profit activities?

I have been using for several years as an educator. I used the Free version until I needed some features only available in the paid version. My college has been paying the bill for several years.

I am also now volunteering for a non-profit organization who is sponsoring a year-long activity beginning January 1st. My volunteer job is to sign up additional volunteers to participate in this special event. No fees or costs of any kind are involved.

I created a booking page on my education account as a proof of concept, and works nearly perfectly for what I want. I would like to create a separate paid account for the volunteer work I am doing and give access to one or two other volunteers. I have to have a separate account to protect access to student information.

Does YouCanBookMe offer discounts to non-profits? I am paying for this out of my own pocket because this volunteer activity has zero budget dollars and a signup page on YouCanBookMe would save me a lot of work. My plan is to pay for 30 days ending January 25th and then putting my account on hold until we are active again for 30 days in July. I assume I can do this?

If you offer a significant discount, I am on a Zoom call Tuesday evening (I hope someone reads this in time) with other volunteers in every state across the country who will be scheduling their volunteers during other weeks of the year and I will be advertising YouCanBookMe to them.

Please respond as soon as possible. I thank you in advance for any consideration.

Hi @tcowan we offer a discount for public schools and universities, but not for non profits. We have a fairly robust free option that can handle a majority of booking situations. You can setup a paid subscription and pause anytime.