Label for booked events

Now that I will be teaching online due to Covid-19 I want to use this app for booking time on ZOOM with students. I am wondering how I can have booked events display information about the booking. If one student books time for help with science it would be nice for other students to be able to see that and join as well if they have questions. In the booking form I added custom check boxes with the subjects. Ideally it would be nice to have this displayed. Even if I could custom edit them I could live with that too.

Hello Jerry!

I am Jérémie, I am a faculty at Princeton, and had to transition to remote teaching because of the pandemic too! I am finding very useful, and I am glad you are giving it a try.

The tool is really streamlined to make individual meetings very straightforward. What you suggest is very neat pedagogically, but is not really how this was intended to be used. However there are two ways you could go about doing what you want:

  1. The first is straightforward: You could link your account to a public calendar. You provide your students access to this public calendar, either by giving them the link; or by embedding the calendar in a web page (such as here). Every calendar event will contain all the information contained in the booking form. So if you require your student select the topic (with checkboxes or a multi-choice dropdown menu), then that will be reflected in the individual events. In addition, with Zoom integration, all your students will get to see the link. (Careful about Zoombombing.)

  2. The second, more advanced solution, comes from the fact that YCBM has a powerful API. This means that someone with a bit of computer science skills could easily create a summary page with all your upcoming bookings, that you could share with your students. I think this is more complicated than the first option, but potentially much more customizable.

Let us know if you have any questions, or need any other help. Welcome to remote teaching!

@jstanley this is a bit tricky as by default we will keep booking information private from other folks. The public calendar option that @Jeremie recommends is one option, which may be a bit easier to implement than running things through the API.