Limitations on Hidden Fields?

My users are filling out a reasonably complex form before they arrive at my YBCM booking form.

I want to write up a short summary of their selections and put it into a hidden field. I want this to render in the invitation-email to our staff (not the user) as a block of text with some simple formatting (<br> tags, <div> tags, some inline CSS).

When I experiment with this, and just put in straight text (e.g., “Some sample text!”), all is well. When I attempt any HTML “<br />” suddenly NONE of the fields come across (FNAME, LNAME, etc. – all blank).

What are the limitations I have to work with? I tried encoding my tag (e.g., “& lt; br /& gt;”) but that didn’t work either.

Related question – can I send JSON across a hidden field, and make sense of it on the receiving side?

@TomK the HTML won’t work as the field can’t accept < > characters. I did test things out with JSON and if you encode it for the URL like this: ?CODE=%7B"test"%3A%20"Testing%20this%20out"%2C%20"another"%20%3A%20"another%20test%20here"%7D

The output in the field will be:
{“test”: “Testing this out”, “another” : “another test here”}

It all has to be one line as well.

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