Salesforce Community Integration: Pass SF Users data to YCBM form

I would like to know the feasibility on the following tasks:
1.embedding the YCBM form on a Salesforce Community Page (likely feasible)
2. As users are already logged in the Salesforce Community Portal, I’d like to pass their users’ information (FirstName, LastName, Email, …) directly to the YCBM form so they won’t have to fill the form which will ensure a better UX.
Thanks for the feedback.
Kind regards,
Alexis Ly

Hi Alexis,

​Denita here from the team. You can certainly embed the YCBM booking page into your website and then pass through specific details about your Customers. Here’s information on passing information through to your application. Of course, the best way to ensure this is possible, as every integration and account setup is different, please sign up for a free trial and test it out. :slight_smile:

  1. Embedding your page (not the booking form itself) Embedding
  2. Exploring how to pass data Passing data to other systems

Let us know if you have further questions.

Hi Denita,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
Seems custom code is needed in order to pass values from our portal to YCBM form.
We’re already using the form on some streams and I might have to use another channel on our Salesforce stream.