Missing large iece of API docs?

I’m referring to the API docs at YCBM API docs

I’m trying to use the YCBM API which states that I can manage almost all things, but, I think a large part of the API docs are missing?

The code examples use remoteaccounts endpoint and are talking about calender and event queries, but at the bottom of the page, the only docs visible are for Account, Bookings, Team members, Appointments en Profiles.

Where can I find all endpoints as I need to be able to get more info from my Google Calendars.

Hi @tomds I sent you an email with this information. The remoteaccounts endpoint is no longer public facing as that is being deprecated. We will be rolling out a V2 of the API in the next few months to allow for more customization of interacting with your account and building out booking pages. I am in the process of updating our existing API documentation as well.

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