Will the API documentation be updated soon?

The API documentation at YCBM API docs is a bit bewildering. Is it out of date? Some observations:

  • The booking API allows “fields” in the query string but the document never lists the fields that are allowed
  • The example above the Booking API methods says that it’s possible to filter using the “search” parameter and then provides this sample using ?filter= instead of ?search=
  • On this page it says that there’s a call possible to v1/profiles/{profileId}/bookings but the API documentation page doesn’t show any such

(By watching what happens in the Network tab of the devtools I found that using fields=*,*.*,*.*.*,*.*.*.*,*.*.*.*.* I can have it return much much more of the booking data structure.)

Is there any other source of documentation?

Hi @TomK welcome to the Forum. Yes, our API documentation needs a bit of an update. I will do my best to answer your questions.

  • You can include any fields you want to capture. Within the modal you will see all available options.

  • I will double check with the development team, but I am not sure if the search endpoint will work with bookings.

  • You will use this end point: v1/bookings?profileIds={profileId} to get bookings for a specific page.

The * wild cards aren’t mentioned because of the size of the potential data sets you could return.

We will be releasing an updated version of the API in the near future and with that we will have more detailed documentation.