Padding, for only *after* meeting

Can we select padding for only after meetings? I’d like to be able to book a meeting to start at a time, for a certain length, but then have a padding to block time after the meeting - not before/after, just after.

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@Robyn welcome to the Forum! This is a great suggestion. We have been discussing the options to allow folks to set their start times, then have a spacing or padding be included there. I am curious how much padding are you looking for and how long are your Appointment Types, or the duration of your meetings?

Hi Ben,
It would depend on the appointment type. For example, if an office meeting gathering tax information, for example, I may want to add an hour to work on the paperwork, etc., after client leaves. If a phone call, I might not need anything more than 10 minutes…

@Robyn thanks for the clarification, that makes total sense. I like the idea of setting up padding based off of appointment type.

I also would like to see, the option for padding either before or after and both…

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