People are trying to camp slots- What can I do?

I only am available for 1.5 hours on weekdays, and my demand outweighs my supply. The same customers are managing to snipe the slots, making it impossible for new customers to get one.

I have it set to open 12 days & 12 hours in advance, yet my clients are telling me that that doesn’t exactly align with when the slots open. I am completely in the dark as to when slots ACTUALLY become available to my clients! Can someone please enlighten me?? I’ve been trying to contact support but it hasn’t been any help.

ALSO, I really wish there was a way to have slots open randomly within specific parameters to keep people from camping spots. For example, open between 10-12 hours in advance.

I really just need a way to either help people ACCURATELY predict when slots open, OR have it truly randomized so that even the people who HAVE figured out when I open, can’t keep camping for the slots.

I’m really desperate for help because it’s a real turn off for new customers!

You may have already gotten an answer but something to try is to turn on Tentative bookings. This allows you to either reject or accept every booking keeping you in control on who can book. It adds a manual process, but could help you prevent the same people from booking. Some info here..

As for the availability to randomize it you can check out On Duty to add times ad hoc as you want them to add a bit of randomness to things. Just a few ideas.