Showing available UNITS below the time slot

i’d like to customize the appearance of my timeslots. I’m using the UNITS funtion as there can be appointments be parallel. But for customers its essential to know how many UNITS are free at a given timeslot. Otherwise they click on a time slot and see oh not enough units, go to next oh not enough units and so on. that will be a bit frustating…
Is there a possibility to show the free units below a timestamp like:
14:30 or 14:30 (4 slots)
4 free units

Or is there an option where the user can choose the units at the appointment type and only times are shown, where the number of units is available?

greets and thanks for further help
Bastian :slight_smile:

Hi Bastian, it is not possible at this time to show remaining units. This is a feature request we have gotten from a few other customers. I see your point about the frustration from the booker of not knowing if a timeslot can support the number of people they want to bring. I will raise this with the team in hopes to increase the priority of making this a reality. There isn’t an option in the interim to help in this case.