Times fields doesn't respond through Profile API

Thank you for all your great service.
I’m confused a bit and I hope you help me.


  • I tried to fetch times field from Profile API but I got nothing.

What I tried

What I expected

  • I thought I could received the response that had times filed in by the setting I configured on Dashbord.


Endpoint I used is GET /v1/{accountId}/profiles/{profileId}

The response is below and query id,accountId,times;

  "id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "accountId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "times": {}

Status code is 200.

I’m in tree trial duration so I should use any paid functionality.

Unfortunately we do not have a publicly facing endpoint to load a list of available booking slots through our API.

It is possible to do this through Google’s API, but that would be outside our scope of support.

Sorry I reply again because I used another account.

Thank you for replying.
I’d known that we cannot fetch a list of available booking slots from Google Calendar API through your API. REST API to get available time-slots & book an appointment

But is the times the one of Google API I can get? Its field seems like setting data I configured on youcanbookme Dashbord. For example, there are monStart and monEnd fields inside times and they could be the ones of Working hours inside Times & Availability on Dashbord.

I would like to fetch setting inside Times & Availability thought your API so that others in our team use the Dashbord on youcanbookme as UI for booking calendar setting. Could you tell me there is another api endpoint to achieve this if there was.

@shinzo Following up here. You should be able to retrieve the times on a given booking page through the profiles endpoint: /v1/proflies/{profileId}?fields=times,times.* this will pull in all of the settings you have in place for that particular booking page. I am sorry on the ridiculously delayed response here. I am going through all of our questions about the YCBM API in order to get things updated for our documentation.